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Graphic Novel* for Ages 6–12
*Based on a story by Thomas Tosi

“A shiveringly good tale for ghost story enthusiasts who like happy endings.”
—Kirkus Reviews (full review)

“Readers will fall for this spooktacular tale!”
—The Children's Book Review


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Aah! Dude! It moved!

Can the mysterious shuddering pumpkin the three kids found in the forest be alive? They’re going to find out when they lift it from its resting place and carry it home. But what happens if someone—or something—comes looking for it?

This evocative graphic novel is spooky yet ultimately gentle and charming. It presents a tale of unfounded fear of those who are different contrasted against the similarities we all share. Told in richly stylized full-color artwork from illustrator Meaghan Tosi whose previous work Kirkus Reviews praised as delightful.

Origins of Squashed

In the autumn of 2003, I purchased a new camera—a pretty nifty one for the time—and wanted to have some fun with it. I decided to make a movie. It was a home movie of sorts with my wife, two kids, and one of their friends helping out. We shot in the field behind our house, the playground at school, and the annual Goffstown, New Hampshire Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off and Regatta. Yes, people carve pumpkins into boats and sail them on a river.

Fast forward about twenty years. All three kids graduated college and became successful young adults. Meaghan earned a degree in animation and developed into an accomplished artist. Looking at her style, I thought of that long-ago film and asked if she would be interested in turning it into a graphic novel. She said yes. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.

If you’re interested, you can watch the family-made film that inspired this graphic novel below.
—Thomas Tosi

Spoiler Alert: We suggust that you read the graphic novel before watching the video.